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Paper Hand Towel Dispenser

A High Quality Dispenser for use with various multifold Paper Hand Towels.

Code: QC82

Price: £15.75 (Delivery: £6.95 per item)


5ltr Litre Hand Pump - Liquid Dispenser

White Plastic Pump Dispenser which is suitable for use with 5 Litre Containers.

Code: QC85

Price: £3.25 (Delivery: £0.92 per item)


Traditional Scrubbing Brush - Wooden

  • Hard Wearing.
  • Wooden Block.
  • Shaped Design for Easy Handling.

Code: QC97

Price: £1.65 (Delivery: £1.20 per item)


Green Scouring Pads - Scourers

10 Supplied

  • Professional Premium green flat scouring pads
  • Size: 230 x 150mm

Code: QC98

Price: £3.25 (Delivery: £1.57 per item)


Super Thick Rubbish / Refuse Bags

10 Supplied

  • Domestic and industrial.
  • Thick 50 guage polythene.
  • Black
  • Holds a variety of waste from garden waste to building rubble.
  • 60cm x 85cm approx.

Code: QC103

Price: £2.95 (Delivery: £2.30 per item)


Premium Grade Floor Cloths

10 Supplied

  • Versatile Industrial Floor Cloth
  • Multi Application use
  • Hard Wearing

Code: QC109

Price: £6.45 (Delivery: £1.91 per item)


Premium Grade Dish Cloths

10 Supplied

  • Cotton Knit Dishcloths.
  • Size: 305 x 405mm.
  • White.
  • Overlocked in Red.

Code: QC110

Price: £3.25 (Delivery: £1.57 per item)


Standard Plastic Bucket

Quality Strong Black Plastic Bucket.

Code: QC117

Price: £4.95 (Delivery: £3.75 per item)


Professional Mop Bucket

Professional mop bucket with a 15ltr capacity, and a large wringer to accomodate large mops, removeable sediment tray, durable and robust for a lasting investment. Wet floor warning sign printed on both sides.

Code: QC127

Price: £6.95 (Delivery: £3.75 per item)