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Brake & Clutch Cleaner Aerosol

A high performance blend of solvents for the quick and effective removal of lining dust, brake fluid, oil, grease and dirt from brake and clutch systems.

Code: QC63


White Grease Aerosol

White Grease is a scientifically prepared grease formulated to resist heat & water & also protect against corrosion.White grease can be used on hinges, gears, bearings, springs, 'O' rings, sliding shackles & striker plates. Industrial uses only. Not for use in contact with food.

Code: QC64


WM40 (WD40 Equivalent) Aerosol

WM40 is a heavy duty multi purpose maintanence spray which is designed to prepel & displace moisture from moving parts & electrical apparatus, helps in the protection against rust & corrosion, lubricates & releases metal components & eliminates squeaks caused through friction.

Code: QC65


Belt Dressing Aerosol

Belt Dressing may be used on conveyors, industrial and V-Belts of all types. It lengthens belt life, prevents cracking and increases the transmitted power by reducing slippage. It is safe to use on leather, rubber, canvas and most synthetics in both wet and dry conditions, it is also effective in reducing squeal of vehicle fan belts. Note: Belt Dressing should not be used where a lubricant is not recommended by the belt manufacturer.

Code: QC125


Cleaner Degreaser Aerosol

Cleaner Degreaser is a general purpose non-chlorinated solvent cleaner designed for the removal of dirt, oil and grease. It will evaporate fully leaving no residue.

Code: QC129


Carburettor Cleaner Aerosol

Carburettor Cleaner is specially formulated for the fast removal of resin, gum and oil deposits associated with petrol and oil. Evaporates fully leaving no residue. Suitable for all carburettors, injectors and most engine components.

Code: QC130