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Silicone Sheen Aerosol Spray / Cockpit Shine

A pleasantly perfumed, fast shining blend of cleaning solvents and silicones. Brings vinyl, polished wood and veneer back to sparkling appearance, especially effective on black metal work. Removes oil and stains. May also be used as a non staining lubricant on windows, doors, hinges and locks.

Available in the following Fragrences:

  • QC51 - Apple
  • QC52 - Cherry
  • QC53 - Cranberry
  • QC54 - Pineapple
  • QC55 - Placid (Perumed)
  • QC56 - Strawberry
  • QC57 - Tangerine

Code: QC51, QC52, QC53, QC54, QC55, QC56, QC57


Non Silicone Sheen Aerosol Spray - Cockpit Shine

A pleasantly perfumed, silicone free lubricant which gives a deep, long lasting shine to a wide variety of surfaces.

Placid (Perumed)

Code: QC58


Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner Aerosol

An active foam cleaner with a powerful cleaning and sanitising action which cuts through grease and grime leaving a pleasant fragrance. Ideal for vehicle upholstery, carpets, paintwork and most hard surfaces.

Code: QC59


Foam Tyre Dressing Aerosol

An active foam Tyre Dressing. Rapidly restores an 'as new' appearance to scruffy tyres. Dirty stained tyres easily spoil the effect of an otherwise clean and shiny vehicle. The simple spray on and walk away procedure leaves a durable silicone polymer enhanced finish that transforms weathered tyres and makes them look almost like new again.

Code: QC60


Air Freshener - Vehicle Deodoriser

A concentrated dry deodorising air freshener designed to dispel unwelcome odours from the atmosphere, leaving a long lasting pleasant fragrance. Contains active ingrediants against airborne bacteria. Suitable for household, commecial and industrial use.

Cranberry Twist

Code: QC61


Fabric Protector Aerosol

Invisible protective barrier for fabric and upholstery. Spray on any new or freshly cleaned fabric and you can blot away any grease or water spill with an absorbent cloth or tissue. Will not change the feel, look or breathability of the fabric. Can be used internally or externally.

Code: QC62


Silver Alloy / Steel Wheel Paint Aerosol

Silver Spray is a scientifically developed paint spray for use on cars, sheet metal, garden equipment and furniture etc. Its unique structure allows for long durable exposure to the elements without flaking or peeling.

Code: QC66